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Range Of Services

Asset Management

Telemaster can offer a full range of management services to ensure that a landowner receives maximum benefit at minimum risk throughout the management contract.

Rent collection - Collection of any arrears / maintenance contributions / electricity payments plus interest where applicable

Rent reviews to OMV or RPI

Negotiating and documenting new or renewal lease arrangements, or variations to an existing lease

Structural surveys / calculations

Site audits

Tower / site maintenance

Equipment / tower decommissioning

Monitoring of operator access and works

Verification of operator compliance with the covenants in their leases

Property surveys and valuation (on an annual basis or as required)

Vetting, monitoring and negotiating equipment alterations and upgrades

Dealing with applications for consent to site share, and with outages and payaways on shared sites

Maintaining and enforcing any security arrangements required by the landlord;

Ensuring damage done during operator access visits or works is fully redressed

Removal - ensuring an operator removes its equipment and reinstates where required

Telemaster is regulated by the RICSTelemaster is regulated by the RICS

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