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Mobile Phone Mast Lease / Property Audits

At the outset of any instruction, Telemaster will undertake a free audit (“health check”) of an owners existing telecoms lease or portfolio of leases. The audit will generate a report indicating whether and to what extent the lease is under rented or has potential for modernisation. The report will also detail any outstanding issues such as rent reviews, or lease terms that have expired and will highlight important future dates where action might be needed.

If required, Telemaster will also undertake a full site audit of all an owner’s properties on which there are telecoms installations. This will highlight not only any maintenance or practical problems but will also establish whether the equipment installed by the operator is indeed that permitted by the lease document or in excess of it, and potentially other breaches of the operators lease terms. It will also establish who is in occupation.

Telemaster is regulated by the RICSTelemaster is regulated by the RICS

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