Client: Amtico Holdings Ltd
Service: Site Access

The gate keepers to smooth site access

The Opportunity

Exponential growth in the number of access requests on a weekly basis by the mobile phone operators, a significant increase in the number of different contractors employed by the various operators, increased security risks for Amtico due to the type of chemicals stored and processed at their Coventry plant, and legitimate concerns about landlord liabilities and tenant competencies created a “perfect storm” which forced Amtico to review their site access management and risk management protocols, and with support from their commercial managing agent reached out to specialist telecoms agents for advice.

What did we do?

Telemaster’s Site Access Manager visited the Coventry plant and was given a full guided tour by Amtico’s Health and Safety Manager. This allowed us to understand the challenges faced by the Amtico operational team. Following our site visit and after consultation with Telemaster’s in-house Health and Safety Manager, we presented an access protocol proposal which had full regard to the operators’ contractual rights, current Health and Safety regulations, and Amtico’s risk management strategy for all third-party contractors taking access to their Coventry plant. Once the comprehensive access procedures were agreed with Amtico, and after the mobile phone operators were briefed, the procedures were uploaded onto Telemaster’s Site Access Management (SAM) portal.

Access details from each of the operator leases, up-to-date site photographs, and all site / operator specific access details were added to the system to ensure the SAM team has every iota of information relating to the site at their fingertips, enabling them to manage multiple requests for access from operator contractors.

The Result

Within a couple of weeks of Telemaster taking over responsibility for all aspects of access management, it became abundantly clear to Amtico that outsourcing the function to Telemaster was the right decision; their in-house workload dropped by 80%, which is exactly the outcome we set out to achieve. Additionally, the operators also have a fluid access protocol to follow which has resulted in far less abortive costs, ensuring their respective network operations at this site are managed effectively.

If you need help with your site access requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch.